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Top 5 Myths about Being a Real Estate Agent

If you've ever thought about being a real estate agent, or even just heard about one in a passing conversation, then there are probably a few things you've heard about them. Whether you're wondering because you're considering the career, or simply out of curiosity, we are going to debunk the top 5 myths you've probably heard about what it's like to be an agent.


Myth #1 you've probably heard a lot i, real estate is an easy way to make money

Now this is simply not true. While it can be true, real estate is hard work. There is no guarantee in the industry and there is no easy way to make money. The ceiling is endless, but it relies 100% on your level of dedication to working your personal brand.


The second myth you've probably heard a lot is I have to cold call to be successful. Wrong!

Cold calling is just one of the many ways to get yourself in front of people. In today's digital age, it is much easier to get in front of people when you understand how to market yourself properly.

Because of social media and the digital boom, you no longer have to make those anxiety inducing calls - unless you want to.


At #3 is - you get paid right away after you close a sale: If you’re considering starting a career as a real estate agent, you may be wondering ‘when exactly do I get paid?’. You may have heard you’ll see a check right away after a sale is made, but this isn’t the case.

The truth is that after a sale goes through, real estate agents and their brokers have to first close the contract and sale before any money is seen. This can take anywhere from 30 – 60 days or more after the initial sale is made.

So if you’re a new real estate agent wondering when you can expect a commission check, it won’t be right after you sign that next deal.


The number 4 myth you've probably heard is Agents don't have to pay for their own marketing, the brokerage will handle that

This is another important one to understand. If you want to be a real estate agent and think that all of the marketing is going to be done for you by the brokerage, think again!

It's completely possible that the brokerage you work for may have some money set aside for their marketing budget, this isn't the case with all brokerages. Some have other ways of marketing, some don't see the importance of digital marketing, and others simply don't want to pay for it for you.

That means if you want marketing done for you, it's going to be coming from your own pocket unless you get lucky.


Here is another myth that make real estate look like some dream job where there is no real work involved other than waiting patiently. In a perfect world the market would always be good, but while the current market is crazy and definitely great for agents, it won't last.

There are always ups and downs in the economy and a good agent is ready to take on either one as both markets have their pros and cons.

There you go! After understanding the truth behind these 5 myths, you can look at the real estate agents in the industry a little differently. Maybe the career choice is looking more challenging, or maybe it feels like it will fit you even better.

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