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Blogging Real Estate: Must-Read Blogs That Will Make You a Better Agent

Updated: Apr 13

Blogging real estate agents are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition, and one great way to do that is by reading up on the latest trends and topics in the real estate world. With so much information out there, it’s hard to track what can make a difference in your business.

Luckily, we’ve researched and listed below must-read real estate blogs that will help you become an even better real estate agent than before! These insightful posts cover everything from real estate marketing & negotiation strategies to current housing market trends. Make sure you give them (and us) a read!

Overall Best Blog - All Round!

Suneet Agarwal Blog

Suneet Agarwal, the Chief Executive Officer of this real estate blog, provides readers with new and up-to-date knowledge on various real estate, sales, and entrepreneurship topics. He gives valuable insights into the current trends in these industries and provides helpful information on how to succeed in them. Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting in these fields, Suneet's blog will keep you informed and inspired.

Suneet Agarwal has been an integral part of the real estate industry for the past seven years. Serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Big Block Realty North and Best Sac Homes Group, he has successfully led his teams to successfully sell over 1,500 homes in 2021 alone. His hard work and dedication have resulted in a remarkable achievement that will remain a milestone for many years.

Mr. Agarwal achieved great success in 2020 as the team lead of the #1 Team in the State of California for Most Homes Sold. He is highly regarded for his leadership and successful strategies, which have enabled him to experience immense success in his career and life. Besides being a successful leader, Mr. Agarwal also takes pleasure in mentoring others and providing them with coaching and guidance to help them reach their highest potential within their work and personal lives.

Best Real Estate Agent Training Blogs

Ryan Serhant's Blog

This real estate agent blog is perfect for new and experienced agents interested in creating a brand for themselves. It is especially beneficial to those just starting in the industry, as the content provides them with invaluable tips and advice on getting started through their real estate advisors. Experienced agents will also find value in this blog, as it has plenty of ideas to develop their existing brand further and acquire more leads. Everyone from first-time agents to seasoned professionals should take advantage of this great resource!

We like the idea of learning from the best to construct and cultivate a personal brand that is both enduring and impactful. In other words, if you want to create something truly special that will stand out and make an impression, why not learn from those who have already achieved such success? After all, they have likely been down the same path as you and know what it takes to build a strong personal brand. So why not take advantage of their investment real estate knowledge and experience to give yourself the best possible chance of creating something amazing?

In the last decade, Ryan Serhant gained notoriety in the world of luxury real estate investors, and his blog offers valuable conductive lessons and recommendations to elevate one's brand. Furthermore, his blog shares exclusive information and directions on obtaining pertinent licenses for partnership operations.

Tom Ferry's Blog

This real estate blog is essential reading for new agents just starting in the business and experienced professionals who may feel stuck in a rut. It provides valuable insight into the current market trends and strategies that can be used to increase success in the field.

Additionally, it offers advice on how to overcome common obstacles and develop fresh approaches to commercial real estate. This blog is an invaluable resource for those looking to advance their careers or find more satisfaction in their work.

We adore Gary Vaynerchuck's enthusiasm for helping real estate investors succeed in the sales world. America's leading real estate coach is an invaluable source for those stuck in a rut, looking to discover new lead generation strategies, or simply needing motivation. His energy and enthusiasm are unparalleled in assisting professionals in breaking through barriers and achieving success.

Gary and Ferry both have a penchant for being featured in videos that can be seen prominently on their respective blogs. Watching these clips provides an excellent way to appreciate the unique personalities of each one, as they are at their best when captured in motion. These videos give viewers an insight into the lives of Gary and Ferry, allowing them to gain a greater understanding of these two individuals.

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Lab Coat Agents

This real estate blog is an invaluable resource for agents. It provides essential information, tips, and advice to help agents succeed in their real estate careers. All agents should read this blog regularly to stay ahead of the game and gain insights into new trends and developments in real estate.

By taking this approach, agents can increase their knowledge base, become more informed about the current state of the market and maximize their potential as successful professionals within the field.

Two leaders – Tristan Ahumada and Nick Baldwin – were the initial pioneers of Lab Coat Agents, which aims to help explain why they are so widely loved today. LCA positively provides an excellent service that is easy to understand.

Forming a Facebook mastermind group, the team developed it into one of the internet's most dynamic networks related to real estate. Dedicated to enlightened practices and focusing on meeting consumers' needs, their endeavors have attracted an exciting and increasingly large cohort of adherents.

For its brief history, LCA has grown rapidly, establishing itself as an authoritative presence in online real estate. This powerhouse has become an invaluable resource for those looking for advice or assistance in their home-buying ventures in just a few years.

The LCA blog is a great resource for readers who want concise and helpful information. They provide only the best quality and actionable real estate investing content, delivering useful quick-hit insights without being overly detailed or time-consuming. Their blogs are particularly beneficial, as they offer one powerful script instead of multiple less effective ones.

Broke Agent Media

This real estate blog is a must-read for agents who want to become more knowledgeable and savvy about social media marketing, but with a lighthearted and humorous approach. Suppose you are an agent looking to gain insight into using social media platforms more effectively to promote your services and products and enhance your brand visibility. In that case, this blog has the information you need to be presented entertainingly.

We love Broke Agent Media because it is the incredible creation of Eric Simon, who is well-known for his immensely popular Instagram account, The Broke Agent. This new venture has quickly become a source of inspiration and motivation to many as Eric continues to share his journey with us all. Every post gives us valuable insight into achieving financial freedom and living on our terms.

Whether you are just starting or have been at it for some time, there's always something to learn from The Broke Agent that will help you reach your goals. Broke Agent Media provides actionable advice and podcasts for agents on social media. Memes, too!

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Best Real Estate Blogs for Viral Content

Keeping Current Matters

Real estate agents seeking to share engaging and viral content on their social media platforms should check out this real estate blog. Here, you will find a wealth of information that can be used to create posts that have the potential to go viral, helping to boost your presence in the world of social media.

Not only is it highly relevant for agents looking to increase their online reach and engagement, but also for anyone interested in staying informed about all things related to real estate.

We love Keeping Current Matters for their ability to create highly engaging, bite-sized pieces of real estate content that are purpose-built to generate buzz and maximize reach on social media platforms. Their strategies help increase brand visibility and ensure that the information shared is always up-to-date and relevant, giving viewers the latest industry news in an easily digestible format.

Suppose you are connected to other real estate agents on social media such as Facebook or Instagram. In that case, you have likely witnessed them sharing Keeping Current Matters' (KCM) infographics and articles. KCM offers a variety of content designed to provide agents with the most up-to-date information about the current real estate market.

The blog is free, yet you can pay a nominal fee if you wish to add your branding to their content when it is shared on various social media platforms. This will ensure that your identity remains intact as the post circulates throughout the internet, giving you greater visibility and reach.

Best Luxury Real Estate Blog


This real estate blog is a must-read for luxury agents and those interested in celebrity homes. Whether you're looking to stay on top of the latest real estate news regarding high-end properties or love reading about glamorous abodes that once belonged to famous people, this blog offers something for everyone.

With insightful posts covering a range of topics related to luxury real estate and celebrity dwellings, it's a great resource for agents interested in learning more about these aspects of the industry.

If you're a luxury real estate looking to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of high-end property or simply curious about how the wealthy and glamorous live their lives, Dirt is an essential resource.

With its comprehensive coverage of all things related to luxury real estate – from exclusive listings to lavish celebrity homes – this blog provides unparalleled insight into the world of upscale living.

Dirt is the ultimate source for all the hottest celebrity real estate news, juicy gossip, and tantalizing listing photos that will let you fantasize about attaining your desired home objectives. Whether it's a glimpse into a luxurious mansion or an opportunity to peek at a cozy bungalow, Dirt provides the perfect platform for aspiring homeowners to dream about achieving their ideal house goals.

Corcoran Inhabit

This real estate blog is invaluable for luxury agents and brokers seeking knowledge and inspiration. It offers advice on marketing, sales techniques, industry trends, technology advancements, and more.

Furthermore, it provides the latest real estate market news so readers can stay ahead of their competition. It is a must-read for those who want to further their understanding of the business and get creative ideas for promotions or campaigns.

Unlike most real estate brokerage blogs, it is truly remarkable, reading and looking more like a high-end luxury lifestyles magazine like Wallpaper or Frieze than anything else. Its elegant presentation and content make it stand out from the crowd — Inhabit is a lifestyle blog in every sense of the word!

Of all the real estate blogs we’ve come across, this one will make you covet a larger budget and more time off. However, if you want to create a luxurious lifestyle blog for your firm or brokerage, then use this as your template.

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Mansion Global

This real estate blog is the perfect resource for luxury agents and brokers who want to stay informed on the latest industry trends. It contains valuable information about real estate, insights into the current market conditions, and tips on increasing efficiency and productivity.

From networking advice to updates on property values, this blog offers a comprehensive look at what luxury agents and brokers need to know to excel in their profession. In addition, this blog can help them develop an effective marketing strategy that will allow them to serve their clients' needs better while maximizing profits.

Mansion Global's association with The Wall Street Journal's impressive editorial expertise and authority is more than just a platform that showcases stunning images of celebrity homes. We love it because they bring you in-depth coverage of real estate markets worldwide, as well as up-to-date information on the latest trends and insights into how to make smart investments.

Furthermore, their fresh perspective and unique approach to reporting make them an invaluable resource for those looking for reliable news and advice about luxury properties across the globe.

They provide an understanding of the current market trends, a look into architectural history, and a deeper comprehension of what it means to acquire, put on the market, or inhabit a genuine luxurious residence. This insight gives us an invaluable perspective on the changing dynamics of luxury property ownership.

Elliman Insider

This real estate blog is essential for luxury agents and brokers who wish to stay abreast of the latest industry trends. It offers valuable insight into high-end real estate, covering a diverse range of topics pertinent to those working in this sphere.

At Elliman, they understand that having a blog is essential to staying competitive in the brokerage industry. Their blog stands out from the rest with thoughtfully crafted content that readers find engaging and interesting. They cover topics ranging from market updates to lifestyle advice, making it easy for customers to stay informed about all aspects of their real estate news

Their mission is to provide valuable information and resources that help people make sound decisions when purchasing or selling property. We love how Elliman's blog covers a wide range of topics with expertise and relevance – something other brokerages often struggle to do!

By concentrating mainly on their largest consumer bases in New York City, California, Colorado, and Connecticut, Insider offers comprehensive and authoritative information about luxury real estate opportunities, along with thorough step-by-step guides and feature stories that provide a more intimate look at the locations they cover.

Sotheby’s International: Extraordinary Living

This blog post is highly recommended for luxury agents and brokers looking to elevate their business practices. It provides necessary information that could be beneficial in helping them to become more successful in the field of luxury real estate. This post contains valuable insights and strategies that these professionals can implement to understand better how to effectively serve their clients, increase their visibility, and ultimately grow their businesses.

We love it because it inspires deep envy, making us wish we could afford the same luxuries afforded to those with money to spare. We can't help but ponder how much of our salary we'd have to sacrifice to afford such an extravagant house as a $10 million mansion in Buenos Aires. It's almost inconceivable; the number of lunches we'd have to skip would be astronomical - likely all of them for 1,000 years - to scrape by and get a portion of what this luxurious estate offers.

Sotheby's International Extraordinary Living offers an alluring glimpse into the world of luxury living, providing stunning images and descriptive text about awe-inspiring homes from around the globe. The privileged information is available to agents in the real estate industry and those captivated by luxurious properties.

house, structure, real estate

Best Real Estate Industry Blogs

Notorious R.O.B

This real estate blog is a must-read for anyone in the industry, from brokers and investors to tech leaders and other influential figures in the realm of real estate. Those who are particularly passionate about the field or seek to stay abreast of current trends should ensure not to miss out on this resource.

We love it because when you want to gain an overall perspective of any situation, the best way to do so is often by hearing from those with a regular habit of surveying the big picture. With a bird's eye view of 30,000 feet, these individuals can provide invaluable insights into whatever topic they are discussing.

The Notorious R.O.B. is an iconoclast, firebrand, and a person who possesses an extensive yet strangely precise understanding of the real estate industry, allowing them to perceive details often overlooked by others. Reading material from The Notorious R.O.B. is essential for anybody seeking an all-encompassing outlook on the realm of real estate.


Anyone interested in having a long-term and successful career as a real estate agent should read this blog. It offers invaluable insights into the industry and provides advice on managing your business effectively, building relationships with clients, staying up to current trends, and ultimately becoming a successful real estate professional. Its comprehensive coverage of all things related to real estate makes it an essential resource for anyone looking to make their mark in property sales.

We are passionate about real estate because it is an industry that enables us to establish a lasting career. As professionals in this field, their clients and former clients rely on them to be informed of the current trends and developments in the market. To remain successful, we must always stay abreast of the most up-to-date news to deliver accurate information and advice. This is why we love real estate: it allows us to make a meaningful difference and become experts in our field.

One of the best ways to stay up-to-date with the latest real estate is by reading real estate blogs. It's essential for any real estate professional to be knowledgeable about the current market and all the various factors that can influence it; otherwise, they won't be able to accurately forecast what will likely happen in the future or provide their buyers and sellers with reliable advice. Knowing this information is invaluable when making smart decisions in such a complex industry.

Wrap Up

Real estate is a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, so staying on top of the latest news, trends, and tips is important. These must-read real blog estate will help make you a better agent, whether you're just starting or have been in the business for years. If you're looking for even more guidance on how to be successful in real estate, give us a call today. Our experienced agents are always happy to chat about the industry and offer advice on getting ahead.

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