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How to Get Most out Of Instagram For Real Estate: Ultimate Guide

As a real estate agent, it is essential to have an effective and engaging marketing strategy, which can often be difficult to achieve with limited resources. Instagram, however, provides several powerful opportunities for agents to promote their listings online and help bring in prospective buyers who may not otherwise know about the property.

With billions of active users spending countless hours scrolling through real estate Instagram posts daily, it presents a tremendous opportunity for creative businesses seeking digital visibility. By effectively utilizing this platform for your real estate business, you can reach new potential customers and increase engagement quickly, increasing sales volume. In this blog post, we'll discuss best practices for getting started utilizing the power of Instagram as part of your overall marketing efforts and even how to create real estate Instagram accounts.

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Sharing Details Of Your Wins And Successes

People prefer and cooperate with individuals or firms who have proven reliable and successful. This is no surprise, as having a good record of success is essential for building trust.

Instagram is an incredibly potent tool for showcasing your accomplishments and triumphs in the real estate industry, which can help to demonstrate your dependability, prestige, and expertise. Displaying these successes on social media platforms such as Instagram reinforces your reliability, builds a positive reputation, and establishes yourself as a professional.

Using Instagram In Building Your Brand

In the real estate market, the audience needs to be able to connect with the people behind the brand. This makes Instagram an invaluable tool for introducing yourself or your team to potential customers. With this social media platform, you can showcase who you are and what sets you apart from other firms in the industry. Creating engaging content that resonates with your target audience can build a trusting relationship with them – which is critical when investing in real estate.

Using the popular social media platform Instagram, businesses can demonstrate specifics of their brand and services to clients, thus enhancing their reputation and making them appear more reliable and competent. Having a greater presence on Instagram means more people will become aware of your business, potentially increasing customer engagement when the time is right, or they need what you offer.

Using It To Showcase The Aspirational Aspect Of Real Estate

People are always captivated and enthralled by the grandeur and beauty of the remarkable real estate, even if these properties do not exist on the market. It allows people to fantasize about their dream home and envision what owning such a magnificent property would be like. This feeling of awe and inspiration helps drive individuals to strive for their version of that "wow" house.

Real estate marketers can make the most of beach getaways, vacations, and luxury homes as content material to draw attention, arouse interest, and spark inspiration in their audience on Instagram. These features provide an ideal opportunity for them to cultivate and grow their following by offering visually appealing images that stimulate excitement and anticipation.

Promote Events And Open Homes

Posts on Instagram are limited because they are time-sensitive; they only remain on the feed for a brief duration, while Instagram stories last 24 hours. This temporal element might be seen as a challenge. However, it also offers distinct possibilities to showcase exclusive deals or promotions. By taking advantage of this fleeting nature of the content on Instagram, businesses can effectively communicate with their followers about special offers that may be available temporarily.

The audience can stay up-to-date with the latest events during an open house through this showcase. They will be provided with timely notifications and updates, ensuring they remain informed on the progress of the given activity.

Showcasing Unique Features And Amenities

Instagram is a powerful tool that you can use to outsmart other real estate agents by using it to tell captivating stories about the unique or special features of properties they are marketing, enabling them to showcase those features in an engaging way to their audience. They can highlight aspects they feel would be especially appealing and beneficial to potential buyers, helping them make a more informed decision when purchasing the property.

To ensure your product or service stands out from the competition, you must create high-quality images and videos to showcase its features. This will give the audience a vivid impression of its grandeur and magnificence. You can set yourself apart with great visuals and captivate people's attention.

Instagram is a great platform to help potential homeowners make their decisions simpler and more enjoyable regarding real estate due to the investigation of the attractive benefits and qualities of certain areas that it can offer. Utilizing this, Instagram grants advantages to the local community as a whole.

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Take Instagram worthy Photos

Using Instagram For Ongoing Developments And Up-Coming Property Offers

Attaining the opportunity to prominently exhibit the items currently available for purchase or lease on Instagram is an excellent method of displaying what is being presented to potential customers. Take time to strategize and create high-quality visuals, such as pictures and video clips, to entice buyers and tenants alike.

For those interested in advertising properties, it is immensely beneficial to diversify your content marketing efforts. Beyond just an image of the exterior, including slides, stories, carousels, and more to help accentuate the best selling points of this listing. This will greatly expand your chances of attracting a larger audience and successful sales.

Instagram can be a valuable source for building progress about future real estate launches. With its useful features, one can monitor ongoing developments by showcasing featured previews of upcoming projects. This allows potential investors and interested customers to stay updated with engaging content leading up to the launch.

People can be excited and anticipate the construction of a new housing complex or apartment using digital renditions. This provides an excellent way to build excitement about a development site's progress.

Hashtag Creation

Using specific keywords, such as hashtags, makes it simpler for your viewers to spot you on Instagram. If you've substance to share there, pertinent hashtags will help draw your intended audience.

Creating a unique hashtag for your real estate business can increase visibility, attract new potential customers and promote your brand. It allows people to easily find you on social media and other platforms where the hashtag is used. Whenever someone uses the hashtag, it generates more exposure for your business and helps spread awareness of your services. By creating a specific hashtag for your real estate business, you can reach a wider audience and ensure potential clients know about you.

Using #realestate and specific custom hashtags, a combination of relevant generic tags can be employed to enhance the visibility of your business. Incorporating hashtags into your posts is essential as it will help maximize discoverability and attract an audience that may not have been exposed to your business before. This could result in increased engagement levels and potential customers for your company.

Embed Instagram Feed On Your Website

Integrating Instagram real estate accounts into your website can greatly increase visitor engagement and bring in more potential customers. It allows individuals to click directly through social media platforms toward your business.

Utilizing a social media aggregation tool can help you create a comprehensive and unified stream of content on your site that will provide visitors with an interactive and engaging experience while visiting.

An interactive, visually stimulating website can be easily crafted with the help of an Instagram Feed. This gives visitors a more personalized browsing experience, giving them easy access to vivid visuals and making their overall experience more engaging and delightful.

Using this platform, websites can be filled with attractive images that draw the attention of potential customers and encourage them to explore the content further. Furthermore, by integrating such an element into their website design, businesses can create a unique online environment where users can connect and interact meaningfully - all while enjoying a pleasant visual journey!

Social aggregation tools will allow you to tailor your feed to make it even more engaging and pertinent to the topic of your business/website. The moderation panel will allow you to curate the most suitable content while eliminating any gross or irrelevant material. Additionally, these tools can help enrich the user experience by giving them access to a constantly updated stream of content relevant to their interests.

Harnessing visuals from Instagram is something that businesses can do to create a stronger connection between them and social media. This can benefit the company in terms of wider reach, improved engagement, more recognition, and greater conversions. By utilizing visual capabilities in your Instagram real estate marketing strategy, you will allow yourself to attract more attention to your personal brand and generate higher levels of engagement with potential customers that could ultimately result in increased conversion rates.

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Embed the Instagram feed on your website

Harness Quality User-Generated Content

Instagram is an invaluable tool for real estate professionals, providing a great platform for content creation and curation focusing on user-generated content. People in the real estate industry recognize how influential existing customers' opinions can be, so sharing customer stories and reviews on Instagram can help to boost business credibility and trustworthiness. Utilizing this social media platform allows agents to showcase their expertise and build relationships with potential buyers or sellers.

Investing a large sum of money into something intended to be long-term requires thorough research and consideration.

Consequently, people often go the extra mile to explore what users say about their feedback, experiences, and reviews related to the product or service. Fortunately, it has become easier to curate user-generated content from Instagram that can be displayed on the Instagram page or website to showcase positive reviews from customers who have interacted with your business.

User-generated content can be displayed to emphasize a business's trustworthiness, creates social proof, and promotes customer loyalty. Moreover, no cost or workforce is needed for curation, thus saving money and hours spent on content creation.

Visual Appeal

Instagram is an incredibly popular and widely used social media platform renowned for its ability to share and access visuals such as pictures and videos. Studies have shown that people tend to engage with captivating images 94% more often than other forms of content while including video on a website can increase conversion rates by up to 40%. Therefore, Instagram enables businesses or individuals to reach their target audience through engaging visual content.

Grandious and opulent infrastructures greatly impress people, so real estate owners or businesses can leverage this by showcasing their properties with high-quality photographs and videos. This could be an effective way to draw attention and promote their assets, as the attractive visuals will likely attract people.

Visual cues, such as pictures and videos, can significantly enhance any form of content's attractiveness, expressiveness, and interactivity. This increased engagement will ultimately lead to more leads for your real estate business. Adding visual elements to your content is an effective way to capture the attention of potential customers and create a powerful connection with them.

Encourage Interaction

Real estate operators can greatly leverage Instagram to support community engagement and enrich consumer interactions. This social media channel is a potent source of business relationship-building potential everywhere. Establishing a meaningful dialogue with your target audience through this platform can be extremely useful for creating positive connections that will benefit your organization in the long run.

Moreover, it can help you gain valuable insights into what your customers want, allowing you to adjust and refine your services accordingly. Building a strong customer relationship is essential to success; Instagram provides the perfect avenue.

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Encourage Instagram Interaction

Instagram Posting Tips

Use Editing Tools For Your Picture Before Posting On Instagram

Revising your pictures can give them a more pronounced effect that will easily catch the eye of Instagram users as they move through their feeds. Instagram provides a basic photo editing feature, but these tools and filters are limited.

Therefore, if you want to boost your images and make them stand out, it may be worth investing in some editing software to take them up a notch.

Take Multiple Photos Of Every Shot

If you can manage, take multiple photographs inside and outside, even on the house's roof. The point is to have several images to pick when you're ready to share them with your clients online. This way, you will have various options to select the best one for your needs.

Taking pictures of your real estate is similar to taking a selfie – you should not limit yourself to only one great shot; by the rules of Instagram, it's recommended that you take multiple photographs (between 4-10).

Once settled, you should take the time to look back on the pictures taken and choose the most ideal one for posting. Knowing there's more than just a photo to be used and enjoyed would be comforting.

Capture Videos Of Your Listing

Having discussed images, we now turn to video. By 2023, it is estimated that online videos will account for an astonishing 82% of consumer internet traffic - a dramatic increase from the mere 5.5% of global consumer internet traffic in 2017. With such a huge rise in demand for video content, it is essential not to miss out on this important trend and begin creating video content as soon as possible if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Using video as an integral part of any marketing plan is now more important than ever, as social media posts with videos attract 48% more views than static images. This increased viewership can lead to a greater potential for your listing to be seen by prospective buyers and, consequently, could result in higher engagement and even sales. Therefore it is essential to consider including video content in your marketing strategy to maximize the chance of success.

A short video that captures the listing is a great way to attract potential buyers. Using this technique, you can ensure your listing stands out and entice interested consumers. This video can be shared on your Instagram Story or IGTV, giving viewers an immersive experience with live 360-degree visuals. To further pique their interest, you can also upload a recap of the visual update in your feed. Doing so will surely leave followers curious enough to tune into your next live broadcast.


Overall, marketing your real estate business on your real estate Instagram account can be an incredibly powerful tool. It lets you reach a highly engaged audience with eye-catching visuals and content. With strategic and consistent posting and leveraging features such as story ads and shoppable posts, you can build relationships with potential clients in a way that traditional marketing isn't equipped to do.

However, it does take time and dedication to get the results you want - spending the time upfront will help you maximize your influence on the platform over time. The rewards are well worth the effort - if you work, Instagram will unlock a world of opportunity for your real estate business!

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