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Being a real estate agent is about more than simply getting your license and waiting for referrals to come to you. And in the modern world, things can seem a little more complicated when it comes to marketing.

Having spent more than a decade growing one of the largest real estate teams in California, I have learned a thing or two about being a master of marketing.

Without understanding how important marketing can be, you will never be able to scale your business to what you want. Period.


The #1 thing to do when it comes to marketing your brand is creating social media pages for your brand.

In this modern world we live in, the #1 way to market yourself is your social media pages. These are landing pages for potential clients and will give your clients a glimpse into who and what you are a business. Pick one or two social media sites to start with and make sure they are good.

Post often and don't neglect them, this is free advertising!

create a marketing plan

This is the one where people struggle a lot because making a marketing plan involves a little bit of knowledge in marketing. But you can always hire a consultant to do an audit of your business and help you make a strategy, or you can watch videos on Youtube for free to learn more. All the information you need is out there for you.

Figure out the key points, your mission, your client demographic, and your competitors, make a strategy to grow your brand and improve your business and the number of eyes on you.

This blog from Forbes dives in depth into the creation of a marketing plan and is a great tool for new real estate agent!

create a budget for ads

After setting that strategy, creating a small budget for ads is where a lot of businesses fail. A lot of people don't think that Facebook Ads, or Google Ads are going to help, but they are a sure-fire way of getting eyes on your business.

Find value in the content you are posting and others will too! So get some ads set up even if it's only 50$ a month to start. It WILL help.

create a mailing list from your leads

Once you have all of those, you want a website and a way to start collecting leads and information about your clients. You can do this with lots of different tools, both paid and free, but one of the best ones you can use is Mailchimp which comes with a free plan for budding real estate agents.

Have a call-to-action on your site asking people to subscribe to your mailing list. Put out an ad on social media offering free informational brochures for their email. Offer incentives for others to join your list and you'll start collecting valuable information on who it is that is finding you.

study your leads

With all of that in place, you want to study what your list has in common. Are they mostly men, or mostly women? Is there a common age or location? Study the list, study your potential clients, and create more engaging content on your social pages that THEY will like.

Give them value, and then repeat the whole process. Post more, post better, alter your marketing plan, adjust the budget and new ads that are more targeted, and continue creating your funnel.


With these 5 tips, you can master your marketing and create a solid business with consistent leads. It's something ANYONE can do, even if you are just starting out.

I promise you, this WILL CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS.

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