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Five Tips for a better 2023

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Are you looking for ways to improve in 2022? Great news, it's never too late to start planning. Here are five easy tips you can use right now to plan for a better year.

The first tip is to Review Your Current Business Plan

You should have a current business plan that outlines your strategies, tactics, and goals to achieve them. It's also extremely useful to have a target audience, mission and goals written down so that it's something tangible and achievable. Look at the business plan you have and assess it. And if we don't have one, get started.

Tip number two, Find Out Where Your Leads Are Coming From.

This is one of the easiest things real estate agents can do to get ready for 2022 because almost all real estate lead conversion software can help. So whether you're on a team or you're a solo agent, figure out where your leads are coming from and where they're going to come from in 2022. What worked for you this year and how can you improve it? I bet that just off the top of your head, there are certain things you felt you could have done better last year. Thinking creatively will help you find new ways of finding new leads.

Tip number three is to Upgrade Your Brand.

Take the time to upgrade your branding and website design this year. Think of it like a real estate agent makeover. You might not feel like you need one, but it's good for almost everybody to see you differently on occasion.

Tip number four is to Get a Marketing Budget

If you don't have one already, now is the time! Or if you need more of a budget this year because of expected growth, then plan for that now so that in 2022 you don't have any surprises. Get together with the rest of your real estate team and get a plan in place for taxes and surprise expenses. Do this now and 2022 is sure to be just a little more stress free.

And at five the last tip is to Increase Content Creation

There are so many real estate agents who aren't creating any content and it's such a shame because there's so much success to be had in this space that is STILL GROWING. You can create a blog for yourself or a podcast that you can share with everyone, and even short form content that literally takes less than 60 seconds to record. There’s really no excuses! In this real estate market, content will always bring in more leads, which means fresher opportunities for realtors.

If you follow these five easy steps now, then 2022 will feel like less of a struggle and more of an opportunity to grow your real estate business.

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