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Best Real Estate Podcasts to Help You Succeed in Your Business

Navigating the real estate market can be overwhelming and intimidating, whether as a seasoned professional or a first-time newbie. Listening to experienced professionals share their tips and tricks is one of the best ways to learn more about real estate investing.

This is why it's great news that there are so many incredible real estate podcasts out there - all making invaluable information accessible right at our fingertips!

Whether you're interested in an expert deep dive on Ninja Selling strategies or learning from "Real Homegirls" who've achieved success within the industry - we've rounded up some of the top digital audio programs focusing specifically on helping YOU succeed in your real estate business endeavors. Get ready for a world of knowledge!

Ninja Selling

The Ninja Selling Podcast is a must-listen for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking real estate knowledge. The podcast features real stories and success strategies from top-producing agents. It provides key insights into sales and actionable real estate marketing for those keen to take their business to the next level.

If you are a real estate broker, agent, or mortgage professional looking to further your real estate career or increase your income potential, this podcast is ideal! Our podcasts provide valuable advice and solutions on expanding your business and honing the skills that will help you make more money. Our podcasts aim to equip participants with the knowledge they need to succeed in the real estate industry.

Real Estate Podcast

House Party

Natalie Way and Rachel Stults are the perfect hosts to help you with real estate coaching. Keeping up-to-date on trends your their expertise, they provide an invaluable source of information on this ever-changing field.

"House Party" is an ideal topic for exploring the real estate's ins and outs by studying famous people's decisions, investments, and mistakes. Examining their choices can provide valuable insight into real estate and help those interested in investing make smart decisions. Furthermore, learning about well-known personalities' holdings can help one better understand what it takes to be successful in this realm. Additionally, being informed about blunders made within this industry through observing these individuals is essential for any aspiring investor or homeowner.

This podcast from realtor covers celebrity home transactions and housing market trends and provides recaps on popular real estate and home improvement TV shows.

Stults and Way, the editors for the realtor, share their personal stories about home disasters, cross-country moves, and more through their show. These experiences are drawn from actual lived situations or scenarios that they have personally encountered in their lives. Through these tales, they hope to impart some of the knowledge they have gained through these events so that others can benefit from it too.

At times, they welcome additional realtor writers or esteemed real estate professionals in the real estate sector, offering informative tips in a fun and humorous manner.

Real Homegirls Podcast

On the Real HOMEgirls Podcast, a weekly audio show hosted by three success-driven women – the best real estate agents, spouses, mothers, and entrepreneurs –triumphs hone in and inspire meaningful conversations. These self-made millionaires share their business savvy and personal advice from the road to success.

The show offers comprehensive education and advice for anyone interested in becoming a real estate investor. It provides great practical tips, from selecting an appropriate real estate agent to interviewing industry experts and professionals. With its wide range of resources, this show is invaluable to those who want to become successful in real estate.

Real Estate Podcast

Real Estate Rockstars by Pat Hiban

Real Estate Rockstars, the most widely-downloaded podcast across 100 countries, absolutely dominating the industry with over 4 million downloads, offers well-informed insights straight from the top performers in real estate; thereby offering tremendous potential for agents to make more sales and earn higher commissions.

The Rockstar Nation welcomes notable industry experts such as Barbara Corcoran, Robert Kiyosaki, and Ryan Serhant to every episode of the real estate podcast. Here, top real estate agents, experienced brokers, and savvy real estate investors can all learn something about the field of real estate from these knowledgeable guests.

Pat Hiban, the billion-dollar agent and best-selling real estate author, provides actionable answers to essential queries in his tri-weekly podcast. With no useless information or typical phrases, listen to the podcast and apply the strategies to earn significant real estate income. It is that easy!


Mark Fleming and Odeta Kushi host the best show for learning about housing and affordability. They tackle housing costs, rental prices, homebuying affordability, and other related areas. Their discussions focus on providing insight into the current state of how accessible home ownership or renting might be.

REconomy is a service designed to assist prospective homeowners in understanding the connection between home affordability, real estate trends, and the economy. With this insight, consumers can make informed decisions and plan their finances accordingly when buying a home.

Suppose you're interested in delving deeper into the relationship between mortgage interest rates and homebuying capability, exploring how these rates fluctuate over time and uncovering economists' housing market forecasts. In that case, this is an excellent starting point. Here, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors that impact a person's capacity to buy a home, along with insights into how experts anticipate fluctuations in the market.

The hosts of First American's podcast, Fleming and Kushi, who serve as the company's chief economist and deputy chief economist, respectively, produce the podcast to provide mortgage-related services. First American is a title insurance company. Every Thursday, an insightful podcast series is released from experts in the mortgage industry, which runs for approximately fifteen minutes. Perfect for those wanting to acquire more information about housing and real estate in manageable amounts.

Real Estate Podcast

GSD Mode by Joshua Smith

GSD Podcast interviews the leading America's commercial real estate agencies, Business, Fitness, and health voices! We have top experts telling their transformation stories, revealing their expertise, and sharing advice from their journey to succeeding. With GSD Podcast, you discover the latest success stories from professionals that dominate their industries.

Those who refuse to accept anything but the best for themselves find ambition as their driving force. With a strong vision of what they wish to accomplish, they will go to great lengths and take extreme measures to realize their ambitions, ensuring their lives are filled with accomplishment and meaning.

Real Estate Today

"Real Estate Today," a weekly radio show hosted by Melissa Dittman Tracey, Bill Thompson, and Stephen Gasque, is produced by the National Association of Realtors. This invaluable program offers listeners expert analysis of the ever-changing real estate market. It explores a wide range of topics related to the housing industry that will keep everyone up-to-date with what's happening in their area.

Viewers are presented with relevant conversations and discussions on the show every week concerning the national real estate market. The team of experts examines timely topics that are currently impacting the industry, as well as popular trends like smart home technology. Furthermore, they advise those looking to buy or sell a second home and newcomers entering the real estate market. It is an invaluable source of information for anyone interested in staying up-to-date with this ever-changing field.

Gasque is responsible for managing the transmission and audio connections of NAR. At the same time, Tracey serves as the director of the "Hot or Not?" section of the show, contributing her expertise to Realtor Magazine. She ensures that all sound elements are correctly integrated into NAR's program and that everything runs smoothly. She has also been instrumental in providing content for Realtor Magazine, helping make it one of the most popular publications among real estate professionals. Thompson is a radio host based out of Washington, D.C, who also serves as the news anchor for the podcast.

How to Buy a Home

David Sidoni is the host of this insightful podcast, which comprehensively explores the process of purchasing a house. This podcast covers homebuying aspects, from fundamental knowledge to analyzing how current economic conditions shape and affect the real estate market. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or experienced in real estate transactions, this podcast offers essential information for anyone considering buying a home.

For those who have just embarked on their journey into the world of real estate, Siddoni has provided honest and straightforward advice that is highly relevant to the experience, not only for first-time homebuyers but also those who have had previous experiences in purchasing a property. Experienced buyers can find quality support tailored toward meeting their individual needs.

In each episode of his podcast, Sidoni delves deeply into a wide range of real estate terms that homebuyers should be familiar with. Additionally, he offers invaluable advice on submitting an offer for a property, interviews current and prospective homeowners, and shares strategies for overcoming student loan debt when making such a large purchase. By providing this information in an easy-to-understand format, Sidoni is helping people learn the basics of real estate to make informed decisions about their future investments.

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There Goes the Neighborhood

Kai Wright, the host of this podcast series, has used it to gain a comprehensive understanding of gentrification and its effects on various neighborhoods in America between 2016 and 2019. He is examining not only its influence on individuals and businesses but also exploring the intricate nuances of its framework. He has taken a deep dive into all aspects of gentrification and how it impacts communities across the country.

The show's first season focuses on New York City and its contentious topic of gentrification, while later seasons feature Los Angeles and Miami. Through interviews with people both for and against, the show truly highlights how complex the subject of gentrification can be.

Wright, a renowned writer, editor, and host, has launched the podcast "Notes From America With Kai Wright." This highly acclaimed show is co-produced by New York Public Radio in collaboration with public radio stations from different cities each season. Featuring stories carefully selected and crafted under the guidance of its dynamic host, this podcast provides an insightful exploration of life in America.

Bigger Pockets

Since its launch in 2006, the BiggerPockets Podcast has become a highly sought-after resource for investors at all stages of their real estate journey. It is renowned as a reliable source of knowledge and insight into real estate, providing invaluable information that can help shape successful investments.

This entertaining and educational podcast, hosted by the CEO and founder Joshua Dorkin and President Brandon Turner, has become an invaluable source of knowledge for its loyal audience. Each week they offer their listeners pertinent advice through episodes that feature a plethora of guests from different backgrounds who share their diverse experiences. Additionally, members of the BP community contribute to this wisdom with their distinct perspectives that further broaden the scope of information provided.

This podcast is an excellent resource for those eager to move into the real estate space or stay updated on relevant news around the sector. Here you will find analysis, commentary, and pertinent information from professionals with an extensive background in this domain.


As a busy real estate professional, it can be hard to keep up with the latest industry news and trends. But to stay ahead of the competition, you must make time for education and continued learning. Podcasts are a great way to do that, especially since you can listen while commuting or working out.

And there are some great real estate podcasts out there that offer valuable insights and tips on everything from marketing your business online to negotiating deals. To help you succeed in your real estate business, we've compiled a list of our favorite real estate podcasts. Compared with our top podcasts, we left out the real estate marketing dude podcast, which is also among the top shows. So whether you're just getting started in the industry or have been doing this for years, check out these top-rated shows.

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