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4 Agent Tips to Maximize Your Productivity and Eliminate Stress

Updated: Mar 8

Real Estate can be extremely difficult and every agent at one point or another feels like they are being pulled in a million different directions.

Today I'm going to give you 4 tips to maximize your productivity and help get rid of the unnecessary stress. Stay tuned!


The first tip to get more out of your day and eliminate the stress while doing it, is to create daily routines.

This helps create stability in your day, and allows you the structure all of the extra things that might pop up around an existing schedule.


The second tip is to take care of yourself!

Tom Ferry calls it your MEDS. That is Meditate, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep

These four routines will help you have more energy, find peace of mind, stay healthy, and be more alert. With the proper balance of all four of these, you’d be surprised at how unstoppable you feel.


At #3 the tip is to give yourself at least one day off a week

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you don’t have at least one day off a week, you are going to suffer for it in one way or another.

Take time to be with your family, read a book, or go on a relaxing walk. Human beings are not machines and treating yourself like one will only lead to issues that can really start to affect your work life. So make sure you are taking time for yourself!


And finally at #4, Ask for help when you need it!

One of the MANY benefits of being part of a team like ours is that you know that you always have a vast network of people who have your back and want you to succeed! And yes, we mean other real estate agents too!

If you’re a solo agent, then hire an assistant! Even part time can really go a long way.

Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re failing. If anything, asking for help is a sign that you have so much success that you need an extra hand on occasion. Nobody got anywhere 100% by themselves, and if you want to have less stress in your life and have time to focus on more important work matters without affecting your business, you might need help from time to time.

And there you have it! Our 4 tips to help increase your productivity and de-stress your life, at least a little.

Please don’t forget to share this post with an agent who needs a little less stress in their life, and thank you SO much for reading.

Suneet Agarwal

CEO of the #1 Team in Sacramento, and the #2 Team in California

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