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3 Mistakes REAL ESTATE Agents Make

Updated: Mar 12

Real estate agents spend hours upon days on the phone, tirelessly making calls. But how many of these potential clients will actually end up buying a house? The sad truth is that up to 90% don’t! We are going share three mistakes you may be making when dealing with leads and what simple steps can help increase your conversion rate from those failing prospects so it looks like success rather than just hard work all around.


You can't get lost in the conversation when setting up meetings with potential clients. It's important to always confirm your appointment and make sure they'll see you for cocktails or breakfast, because that way there won’t be any confusion about what day it is! A lot of people forget this crucial step. When meeting someone face-to-face, they say that when you are the first person they talk with, you're 70% more likely to get that sale.


The second mistake we see in realtors is not setting a soon enough time for meetings. If you wait more than 48 hours to reschedule or meet with prospective clients, the chances of them using you as their real estate agent go down drastically!

I suggest to all my real estate agents that they at least schedule a virtual tour. Get out there the same day and walk the house using YouTube, Facebook, FaceTime, or whatever you’ve got (we use Google Duo). Simply do the walkthrough with them so you're able to meet them INSOME WAY within 48 hours of the inquiry.


The biggest mistake that agents make in lead conversion is not editing and practicing their scripts. Some realtors rely too much on charm or wit to seal the deal with a potential client, but what can happen is they end up unprepared for certain questions when trying new clients who may object strongly at first sight of an offer being made by another person. This can cost you EVERYTHING. So make sure to know your scripts for any scenario, and edit them and fine-tune them to perfect them.

We hope this video helps you start converting more leads into sales. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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