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Did you know that 90% of real estate leads do not end in a sale?

It's not necessarily that realtors are doing something wrong, it's just that they're simply missing the boat on these three mistakes. Let's take a look at what those mistakes are.

Today we're talking about 3 mistakes agents make with their leads, and how to fix them!

First, there is Not Setting an Appointment Date

When you talk to a potential lead, it's easy to get lost in the conversation, especially when you're new. But it's important to remember to always confirm an appointment with your client as this helps heighten the chances of an actual face to face contact which means higher chances of getting a sale.

The number 2 mistake we see is not setting a time soon enough

Once you've set an appointment, you should work towards confirming a specific date and time and making sure it's as close to today's date as possible. Within 48 hours is ideal. This shows that you're organized and serious about doing business with them!

Last but not least, we have

And lastly, not editing and rehearsing your scripts

Many times realtors rely too much on their charm or wit to seal the deal with a potential lead, but what often happens is that these agents end up not being prepared for certain questions which can cost them the sale altogether.

It's always important to be prepared for any question by having a solid game plan going in to every single showing. It's important to be a people person, but you'll need more than that to be the best.

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